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Subject: RE: Re[2]: DOCBOOK: Re[2]: Which conversion method should I use?

> XEP (evaluation) it hangs parsing the FO file, (FOP works 
> well with the same file)

Let me know what error messages you're getting, what versions of the
xsls, and I'll see if I can explain it. I suspect a CR v. PR thing. XEP
can give you a good looking pdf. I haven't looked at Antenna house
lately, but at first they were emphasizing print output and not
supporting pdfish things so much. That was a while back tho. One nice
thing about antenna house if you're tweaking fo xsls is that you can use
it like a browser--make a change to the xsl, hit refresh, and see what
happens. A hackers dream. 

> Epic Editor doesn't have an evaluation version and I don't trust in
> refunds ;-)

You have to talk to a sales rep and they send you some keys that expire
after a while. With epic you'll be evaluating an editor and renderer. 

> So, I think it would be nice to a DocBook developer have 
> something like
> this:
> -DocBook editor, like AbiWord (DocBook support is still in 
> beta) with full support for DocBook.
> -With publishing features to save documents as HTML, PDF and 
> several other formats.
> -Very easy an intuitive as another text editor

Many long threads on the subject of xml editors, wysiwyg, etc in the
archives of docbook-apps and xml-doc
<http://groups.yahoo.com/group/xml-doc/>.  It'd be useful to find some
of the more informative posts on the subject and general reviews of
editors and put links to them in the FAQ. 


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