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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Re[2]: Which conversion method should I use?

Jose wrote:

> It's suprising there's no a good-free-easy tool to process FO, I think the
> best is FOP, but it's unfinished. I will try PassiveTex, but I think
> is too much complicated to install on a Windows system.

It is not complicated at all. You can download TeXLive 7 installation
(as CD-ROM ISO image) from www.tug.org. This will install whole TeX
setup together with PassiveTeX for you.
> So, I think it would be nice to a DocBook developer have something like
> this:
> -DocBook editor, like AbiWord (DocBook support is still in beta) with full support for DocBook.
> -With publishing features to save documents as HTML, PDF and several other formats.
> -Very easy an intuitive as another text editor
> -OpenSource and cross-platform Windows/Linux
> I think this program will rock! not only because is what I need,
> because any person will be able to use DocBook without XML, SGML
> knowledge ;-)

The biggest profit from using XML/SGML is semantic tagging of important
information which can be reused later. You can hide XML tags from user
but in that case you must provide him other ways to express structure of
document. Text processors like AbiWord are unable to help you with this
task as they use just flat system of paragraph and character styles. If
you want to use benefits of DocBook/XML/SGML you will never be able to
prepare your documents in tools targeted for visual rendering instead to
capturing structure as AbiWord is.


  Jirka Kosek  	                     
  e-mail: jirka@kosek.cz

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