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Subject: Re: pagebreaks (DOCBOOK: Re: Which conversion method should I use?)

On Mon, 2002-06-24 at 09:15, Matt G. wrote:
> DocBook tries to focus on the meaning and structure of your information - 
> not it's presentation.  Sometimes, such as in the case of tables, the 
> presentation is coupled to the structure of the information in relationships 
> of sufficient complexity and variety that it's not worth trying to maintain 
> the abstraction.

about tables: if i know well, colwidth attribute has measure only like
inch or cm and not %. IMHO 2cm has no semantic meaning. The width of
column depends on font and paper size or window width in html.

If you want presentation independent structure,
i think it shound be fixed. Maybe better be using some attrib to set
the column width. (something like that:

(sorry if it has already discussed)


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