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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Issues with processing expectations of the proposed

At 18:12 2002 06 27 +0500, David Tolpin wrote:
>> But I don't think there's actually any easy way to render marginila in
>> HTML or in XSL-FO or DSSSL, so I doubt you'll ever see the DocBook
>> stylesheets providing an option for rendering annotations as marginalia.
>rendering marginalia in XSL FO is trivial. The only obstacle is that not all
>XSL FO processors support required functionality.

We may be using different vocabulary, but the XSL WG 
considered marginalia and made a consious decision that
it was out of scope for XSL 1.0 and that XSL 1.0 would
not support doing marginalia.

So in what way do you mean "rendering marginalia in XSL FO 
is trivial"?


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