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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Issues with processing expectations of the proposed (fwd)

> >
> >rendering marginalia in XSL FO is trivial. The only obstacle is that not all
> >XSL FO processors support required functionality.
> We may be using different vocabulary, but the XSL WG 
> considered marginalia and made a consious decision that
> it was out of scope for XSL 1.0 and that XSL 1.0 would
> not support doing marginalia.
> So in what way do you mean "rendering marginalia in XSL FO 
> is trivial"?


I mean that side floats (float="start" or float="end")  are sufficient
to obtain the layout usually used for marginalia. Marginalia are a higher
level notion; In the same way there is no "heading" in XSL FO, there is no
need for a separate element for marginalia, although addtitional features
and attributes may be desirable.

David  Tolpin

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