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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: email in author element


Thanks. I have upgraded the dtd to XML V4.2CR3 and the
email is now working as expected. However, I am having the
same kind of problem with <procedure> and <mediaobject> not
validating as part of the <sect1>.

XML snippet:

<chapter label="xml-thebasics">
   <title>XML: The Basics</title>
      <para>XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a vendor
neutral, nonproprietary way to store, retrieve and
transport data.</para>
      <para>In this chapter, we will review the basic
components of an XML document. When you finish this
section, you will understand the basic need for XML and why
the industry has taken to it in such a short time</para>

   <!-- A SECT1 IS A PAGE OF HTML -->
   <sect1 label="whatIsIt">
   <title>XML: What is It</title>
     <title>What is XML</title>
      <itemizedlist mark="bullets">
        <listitem><literallayout>Extensible Markup
        <listitem><literallayout>Mechanism for retrieving
and transporting data</literallayout></listitem>

 <title>Discussion:What have you heard about XML</title>
    <step><literallayout>Describe to the group what you
have heard about XML.</literallayout></step>


Error: The content of element type "sect1" must match ...
and there is a list of elements, of which, procedure and
mediaobject is included.

Am I misunderstanding the error message or should I be
looking somewhere else dispite the validation error

--- Bob Stayton <bobs@caldera.com> wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 07, 2002 at 09:50:03PM -0700, Mark Miller
> wrote:
> > According to the DocBook spec, <email> should be able
> to be
> > a child of <author>. When validating with Xerces from
> the
> > command line, I receive an error message stating that
> > <email> is not part of the content model.

> <email> was added to <author> in DocBook DTD 4.2,
> and you are using 4.1.2.  The doc you are reading
> is probably for 4.2.  If you are stuck with using
> 4.1.2, then you have to do:
> -- 
> Bob 

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