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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: email in author element

On Mon, Jul 08, 2002 at 10:48:46AM -0700, Mark Miller wrote:
> Bob,
> Thanks. I have upgraded the dtd to XML V4.2CR3 and the
> email is now working as expected. However, I am having the
> same kind of problem with <procedure> and <mediaobject> not
> validating as part of the <sect1>.
> XML snippet:
> <chapter label="xml-thebasics">
>    <title>XML: The Basics</title>
>       <para>XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a vendor
> neutral, nonproprietary way to store, retrieve and
> transport data.</para>
>       <para>In this chapter, we will review the basic
> components of an XML document. When you finish this
> section, you will understand the basic need for XML and why
> the industry has taken to it in such a short time</para>
>    <!-- A SECT1 IS A PAGE OF HTML -->
>    <sect1 label="whatIsIt">
>    <title>XML: What is It</title>
>     <sect2>
>      <title>What is XML</title>
>       <itemizedlist mark="bullets">
>         <listitem><literallayout>Extensible Markup
> Language</literallayout></listitem>
>         <listitem><literallayout>Mechanism for retrieving
> and transporting data</literallayout></listitem>
>     </sect2>
> <procedure>
>  <title>Discussion:What have you heard about XML</title>
>     <step><literallayout>Describe to the group what you
> have heard about XML.</literallayout></step>
> </procedure>
> </sect1>
> Error: The content of element type "sect1" must match ...
> and there is a list of elements, of which, procedure and
> mediaobject is included.
> Am I misunderstanding the error message or should I be
> looking somewhere else dispite the validation error
> message?

You do indeed have an invalid document, but it
is the order of elements that is the problem.
Take a look at the <sect1> content model again.
You can put procedure in a sect1, but once you
start using sect2 in a sect1, you can't go back
to procedure in sect1.  The procedure needs to
be either in the preceding sect2 or in a new

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                                            email: bobs@caldera.com

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