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Subject: DOCBOOK: Documentation of Parameters: Looking for stylesheets




I wanted to use the the Literate Programming DTD (V0.0//EN" "http://docbook.sourceforge.net/release/litprog/current/dtd/ldocbook.dtd) for documenting the parameters of our application, the way it is done in Docbook (e.g. in ../docsrc/fo/param.xml).


If you want to print this parameter document, you need clrefentry.xsl (in /docsrc). However, in this xsl there is a reference to a stylesheet called cldocbook.xsl, which is not in the docbook distribution. So:


Does anyone know where you can pick up this cldocbook.xsl?


Thanks in advance.




BTW: Does anyone know where I can find the weave.xsl stylesheet?



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