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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: errors ... but where

On Tue, Aug 06, 2002 at 06:22:58PM -0500, Grobe, Gary wrote:
> I'm trying to find where these errors are coming from so I've made a
> simplest example and can't see what I've got wrong here (and a few hundred
> other errors like them).
> --- from the output, first errors from this file before several hundred more
> ---
> /usr/local/cmd/bin/openjade:chap1-intro.sgml:6:11:E: start tag for "TITLE"
> omitted, but its declaration does not permit this
> /usr/local/cmd/bin/openjade:chap1-intro.sgml:6:11:E: no start tag specified
> for implied empty element "TITLE"
> --- Here's a file brought in as an entity reference from my main file that
> supposedly has the errors. ---
> <chapter id="intro">
> <title>Introduction</title>
> <sect1>
> <bridgehead>Test</bridgehead>
> <para>test</para>
> </sect1>
> </chapter>

Well, in the DocBook DTD, sect1 does not take a bridgehead
at that point, it takes a <title> element.
If you use this it should work:



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