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Subject: DOCBOOK: modifying Norman's DSSSL stylesheets


Like I sais a few days ago, I'm writing my master thesis and I'm in the
processo of adapting "default" dsssl stylesheets to the requirements the
faculty made. I need to complete the whole thing by October so i decided
I'm going to make things go along one step at a time.

Today I changed the margin config's and now I'll be asking your help to
tackle some of the others (it is true that i didn't read all the DSSSL
docs yet, but maybe someone has already done something similar...).

Today I'll ask you how to get that all page numbers be in arab numbers
starting from the "cover page". As it stands, TOC, LOT, etc are in pages
with roman numbers and I would like to know how to change that.


P.S.: The other day I asked about wich of the two stylesheets languages
DSSSL or XSL would be better to get my thesis in print. Today I ask you
about CSS. Is it usable to something like this? Are there any

THanks again
        Mario Filipe 

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