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Subject: DOCBOOK: chaining DSSSL stylesheets

In http://www.docbook.org/tdg/en/html/ch04.html about halfway down, it
describes a "driver" style-sheet which makes a few customizations over
the stock style-sheet provided with the DocBook distribution.

I am still fuzzy about the naming and resolution of external ENTITY, so
I'm not quite figuring out how to chain these stylesheets properly.

For example, I use Red Hat Linux 7.3, and there are stock style sheets
already included at the following locations.  One for HTML, and one for
other print-oriented layouts.


Also included in the Red Hat's docbook-utils package, is a stock
customization layer which extends the basic stylesheets in a number of
generically useful ways... a sort of "best practices" collection from
what I've seen on discussions on the web.  With this layer, I should be
able to do <emphasis role="strong">bold</emphasis>, and assert new
values for %title-font-family% and other key parameters.


Now, if I do not provide a custom stylesheet to the command line, it
uses the docbook-utils.dsl customization layer by default.  However, if
I specify my own local "driver" file as specified in the example on the
docbook site, it goes directly to the original stock, and does not use
the intermediary docbook-utils layer.

How would I define a local customization layer that chains onto the
docbook-utils file?  I can't figure out what to use in my layer's
<external-specification> tag values, or if I need to manipulate the
catalogs, or what.

[ e d @ h a l l e y . c c ]

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