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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Re: Fw: programlisting

At (time_t)1029524430 Norman Walsh wrote:

> Do we have consensus that
>   <pre class="programlisting myrole">
> is a good idea (actually, the general principle that ' rolevalue' can
> be tacked onto the class attribute)?

There is presumably more information that could be added as well,
such as presentation clues.

As an example, the spacing="compact" attribute for lists as
applied through the current stylesheets (becomes ul
compact="compact") doesn't seem to work with
Mozilla, at least, and the compact attribute in HTML is

One alternative would be to add "compact" to the class attribute
of a list, and use CSS:

  .compact li p {
    display: inline;

> Since several of you have clearly been reading the CSS spec, how is
> the following situation disambiguated:
> .programlisting { background-color: red; }
> .myrole         { background-color: blue; }
> by order of rules in CSS?

In general, specificity wins, but in this case that doesn't help.

If one stylesheet imports another, the importer will override the

If two rules are defined in the same stylesheet, the latter one


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