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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Re: Fw: programlisting

On Fri, Aug 16, 2002 at 03:00:30PM -0400, Norman Walsh wrote:
> / David Cramer <dcramer@broadjump.com> was heard to say:
> | The test looks fine on IE 5.50, SP2.
> |
> | David
> |
> |> So far, we have positive results from IE 5.0 and 6.0.
> And a few others, I thought, as I read through the thread.
> Do we have consensus that
>   <pre class="programlisting myrole">
> is a good idea (actually, the general principle that ' rolevalue' can
> be tacked onto the class attribute)?
> Since several of you have clearly been reading the CSS spec, how is
> the following situation disambiguated:
> .programlisting { background-color: red; }
> .myrole         { background-color: blue; }
> by order of rules in CSS?

Yes.  For declarations with the same weight, origin and
specificity, then the order is used, and the latter wins.
At least, that's what the spec says (both CSS1 and 2).

I think adding the role to the class should be turned on 
by a parameter.  Some people won't want their roles
showing up in their HTML.  And there may be cases
where it messes up existing CSS stylesheets.

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                                            email: bobs@caldera.com

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