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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: docbook vs latex

Ramon Casellas wrote:

> I see your point... but I would not be against adding them if enough
> people would like to see them added, and we are talking about ~10 new
> elements that may be used (IMHO) much more than some of the hundreds of
> existing elements.  Anyway, equation and inlineequation are already there
> and in computer science, maths are everywere. Some colleagues around here
> are telling me they would write their dissertations in docbook if there
> was more math support (graph theory, algorithms, heuristics...) I think
> that DocBook is richer than just for software documentation: "DocBook is a
> document type definition (DTD) in SGML and XML. It is particularly well
> suited to books and papers about computer hardware and software (though it
> is by no means limited to these applications).", but once again, there are
> lots of people more capable than I am to decide if it may be interesting
> to add them or not. And I respect their choice. I insist, I see your
> point. :)

Anyway, you can submit RFE at


that's the way if you want some new elements/attributes added to
> Agreed. In fact, I started some kind of MathML -> LaTeX using XSLT...  but
> until then....<latex>\begin{equation}</latex> is a temporary hack that I
> needed. :)

I know. I used it once, but then I realized that I'm unable to type such
a lot of equations in MathML, so I used similar trick to bypass TeX code
directly from DocBook source to formatter.


  Jirka Kosek  	                     
  e-mail: jirka@kosek.cz

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