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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: docbook vs latex

On Mon, 2 Sep 2002, Ramon Casellas wrote:

]>> But DocBook is primary focused on software documentation. If we add
]>> something very special for mathematics (like maththeorem), we should

	To grab a fairly useful book on computer science.

		Donald E Knuth
		Volume 3:  Searching and Sorting:  The art of COmputer Programming
		Addison Wesley Publishing Company:  Reading, MA:  1973
		ISBN  0-201-03803-X

	Can that book be written using DocBook?
	[ It obviously can be written using LaTeX. ]

]>> If mathematicals want, they can create ustomization layer adding
]>> maththeorem and other elements. Maybe using something like <formalpara
]>Yes, we can... That is what I did. BUT it is not DocBook anymore (so in
]>some sense, we are losing one of its advantages).

	Why not 'core' DocBook plus modules?

	A math module for those who need all the math stuff.
	WOuld statistics be a different module, or the same?
	Biology would need a different module.
	Psychology _might_ need its own module.

	A language/linguistics module for those who write in four or five
	languages, each with its own writing system. [ On second thoughts,
	that might/probably would be usefull for the core module. ]




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