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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: On the size of DocBook...

At 19:55 05/09/2002, Paul Grosso wrote:

>The tool is merely subsetting the list of tags it shows the user
>when the user goes to a menu of "tags I can insert here".  But
>it's still valid to insert (or have) any tag in the full DTD, and 
>you can always click the button on the tool that says "show me all 
>tags" instead of just the "most used subset".  (For example, Epic
>Editor supports this kind of thing.)

As per the Microsoft 'learning' pull downs? I don't use it, so its
not on the pull down list? I need to hit the 'expand' arrow to 
see the full list? 

>>>The only other effect of size is performance.  And I suggest that any
>>>attempt to save milliseconds in performance is going to be overshadowed
>>>by the hours spent in interoperability problems inherent in approaches 3
>>>and 4 above.
>>Sorry Paul, I don't see that. Its my head that can't handle it,
>>not the tools. Hence the interop issue is a non starter for me.
>Suppose your head can only remember the simplified subset.  So what
>if your doctype declaration points to the full DTD, all your head
>has to handle is the set you're using.  In what way does having lots
>of tags in the DTD that you are never going to learn or use give your
>head a problem?  If you haven't learned about them and don't use them, 
>how can the fact that they're in the DTD bother your head--your head
>doesn't even know they are there.

I think we are suggesting the same thing from a different angle.
emacs offers me 100 items at C-c C-e. I scan for what I know, ignoring
those I don't. I still need them there for the 'odd  jobs' so want them
to be there (for the tools and interop).

regards DaveP

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