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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Re: On the size of DocBook...

At 00:03 07/09/2002, Norman Walsh wrote:

>| I suspect it wouldn't be difficult at all.  Most of that work is
>| already done in TDG.  Identifying the most important core 25-50
>| elements might be a little tricky,
>I tried to identify the core 25-50 elements, I wound up with more than 100.
>Start with 'article' as the only root and give it a whirl.

Which 'head' did you have on Norm? tdg author? TC chair?
  Going back to your earlier point about getting used to structured markup,
put on a Word users head (OK, hat). 
  OK article as root.
   Major chunks. sect1..3 would do.
   major blocks title, para, two lists and literallayout
   inlines emph, internal, external links

Remember what this word guy is trying to do. Get used to structured markup.
With the above its possible to teach the basics. Not 100.
 (Chances are that with not much more than that, you'd have covered 
70% of my use of docbook markup).
  I'm not a Unix manual writer, I'm learning to use XML.
Thats sufficient to 'get into docbook'. 
Semantic markup comes later!

>HTML has a good deal more than 14 elements, even if most people don't
>use most of them. Which is sort of the point, I think.

I've said enough now, I think I'm harping on.

regards DaveP

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