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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Re: example of Element <tgroup> with it's attribute cols .

Norman Walsh wrote:

>/ Chuck Amadi <chuck.amadi@breconbeacons.org> was heard to say:
>| Hi anyone with an example of Element <tgroup> with it's attribute cols .
>| I am trying to get the columns to work without Elements  </row> & </entry>
>You want to omit the row and entry closing tags? That's going to require SGML,
>but it doesn't have any bearing on the cols attribute.
>                                        Be seeing you,
>                                          norm
How do i get this bugger to work (cols attribute ) I mean I have a table 
with three columns and three rows using the

</row> & </entry> Elements but I am trying to understand the syntax/tree What the hell is NMTOKEN and Plz could you help by mailing an example .As I have Element 
<!-- attribute center doesn't work -->
<tgroup align="center">
<!-- This link doesn't work within this table only the watsup text -->
<ulink url="http://watsupwiththis.htm";>watsup </ulink>

I have tried a few attribures i.e Element table <table frame="all" /> and Element <tgroup cols ="5"/>
They all parse with Xalan and my ANT build but when i view the xhtml page there's no difference in appearence.
When I use the Element mediaobject as below it works fine.

<title>UDP Image </title>
<imagedata fileref="images/me.JPG" align="left" />

Plz advice

Chuck Amadi
ICT Dept Systems Programmer
Rhaglenydd Systemau Adran ICT

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