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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: including elements with xpointers xincludes

Ljósálfr wrote:

> I would like to include a specific element from one file in another 
> file. For example. I have a glossary in which every entry has a shot 
> definition, and perhaps a longer definition.  I want to pull the 
> content of the short <glossdef/> into one of the chapters in my book. 
> I've been attempting things such as:
> <xi:include xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude";  
> href="../glossary.xml#xpointer(id('urđrshort')/*)"/>
> When I run xsltproc on it to generate the target.db, I get "XInclude: 
> failed build URL". If I simply use ...#xpointer(id(/glossary/*) I get 
> all the entries in the glossary pulled in where the xinclude is 
> located. Should I be able to do what I'm attempting?  What is the 
> syntax for this?

This is wrong:

What I meant to say was this:
<xi:include xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude";

I hope no one tried what I originally said worked.  The immediately 
previous snippet does pull in all the entries in the glossary.  I don't 
know how much of the of the xpointer functionality is working in 
xsltproc.  I have not found a great many helpful examples of using 
xpointers on the web.  This seems like a very powerful tool.  Are people 
using it?

Hann er vitrastr ásanna ok fegrst talađr 
ok líknsamastr, en sú náttúra fylgir 
honum, at enginn má haldast dómr hans.

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