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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Resend: A single multi-lingual documet -> multipletranslatedoutput files?

Jirka and Sato-san,

Thank you both, for your suggestions.

I had run into Jirka's writing on profiling, but had not quite figured out
how it applies to my case until you pointed it out. Thank you for
bringing me the light.

I will weigh the pros and cons (mangeability) of profiling and choose my
path accordingly.

Taro Ikai

Hiroki Sato <hrs@jp.FreeBSD.org> wrote on 09/16/2002 02:05:29 PM:

> Jirka Kosek <jirka@kosek.cz> wrote
>   in <3D86118F.96D11F0A@kosek.cz>:
> jirka> > The benefit of being able to do this, is that the consistency of the
> jirka> > original
> jirka> > and the translations can be checked very easily.
> jirka>
> jirka> IMHO mixing translations in one file is not good practise. It is very
> jirka> hard to edit them, especially if number of translations grew to more
> jirka> than 2. You can use some auxiliary tools like diff and xmldiff to get
> jirka> track changes in translations.
>  I agree with this.  Using a revision control system to manage
>  the synchronization status between a original file and the translated
>  one is more useful, I think.
> -- Hiroki SATO  <hrs@eos.ocn.ne.jp>

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