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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Any suggestions for a GOOD XML reference?

Jeff Biss wrote:
> >><!ENTITY % local.list.class "">
> I should have been a bit more clear on what I was really asking, which 
> is where are these defined?

Where are *what* defined?

<!ENTITY % local.list.class ""> *is* a definition. It is establishing that
there is an entity named "local.list.class", consisting of an empty string.

The % indicates that it is a "parameter entity", which means (in XML 1.0 [1])  
that it is available for use only within a DTD. In places within the DTD where
the XML parser encounters the reference "%local.list.class;", it will
substitute the empty string.

There's nothing in XML about "local.list.class" because this is just a name
that the DTD author invented for this particular parameter entity. It could
just as easily be "foo" and the references to it would be written as "%foo;".

That is, there's no such thing as classes in an XML DTD; what you're seeing is
a pseudo-class, established by a naming convention on a text inclusion
facility that's much, much more general in purpose.

I'm not sure if this really answers your question...


  Mike J. Brown   |  http://skew.org/~mike/resume/
  Denver, CO, USA |  http://skew.org/xml/

  [1] http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-xml

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