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Subject: DOCBOOK: Re: [docbook-tc] DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes:17 Dec 2002

At 14:47 2002 12 17 -0500, Norman Walsh wrote:
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>| DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 17 Dec 2002
>| ========================================================

>| 6. Instance-based cross-reference text
>We add a style attribute. Its use would be stylesheet dependent. One
>kind of use is 'named styles' which the stylesheet can apply. Another
>kind is a select process where individual components of the style
>attribute are pulled together appropriately.
>SC: XFormat or XRefFormat?
>We already have 'format' which is a notation for graphic formats.
>NH: In that case I would prefer style.
>Proposal: We will add an 'xrefstyle' attribute to xref, olink, link, and ulink.
>It's CDATA and its values are processor-defined.

What, if anything, are we going to say about the syntax/semantics
of this attribute's value?  Are we going to describe the syntax
Bob proposed so that, for example, the DocBook XSL stylesheets
can make use of it?

>| 7. CALS+HTML Table Model
>ACTION: Paul to summarize the differences between the two models,
>highlighting where there are potential ambiguities (places where there
>are two or more choices and at least one of them is wrong).



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