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Subject: Problems compiling with docbook under mandrake

Hi everyone,

I've just subscribed the list, I'll try to give a glance to the previous msgs but definitively I need help about this.

I need to write some tech docs in docbook format to be then converted in html.

Now I suppose I've installed everything I need (shipped with my mdk 9.1), as follows:


but when I give the cmd to compile docbook -> html I have this error:

$ docbook2html -u manual.docbook # with manual.docbook v.4.1

It outputs tons of errors of elements undefined, every tag is "element undefined", I really dont know what to do ... what to install more ... 
I tried to look for help on usenet, but ho historical data on google ... I have even followed the steps at mandrakelinux.com to install docbook from rpm but it didnt help (pls note Im using blackbox and not KDE).

Again, Im helpless, I know jack about docbook but I *need* to write documentation for an OS project. Every piece of advice will be appreciated ... 


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