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Subject: Re: [docbook] Suggestion needed...


all this info is available already via the *info tags (articleinfo, 
bookinfo, etc). By default, not all of that is displayed on the 
titlepages. But you can either customize the titlepage template and 
create a new titlepage stylesheet or do the customization in your 
cutomization layer to fulfill your needs.

I recommend doing a stylesheet customization instead of doing a dtd 


Giuseppe Greco schrieb:
> Hi all,
> In our corporate documents, we need to automatically include
> our standard legal notice, company info, logo etc.
> I accomplished that by creating a new DTD file to be used instead
> of the standard DocBook one. This new DTD file looks like this:
> <!ENTITY % docbook PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.2//EN"
>   "http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/xml/4.2/docbookx.dtd">
> <!ENTITY % l10n PUBLIC "-//AGAMURA//ENTITIES QuXo Localization
> V1.0//en-US"
>   "http://www.agamura.com/xml/quxo/1.0/ent/l10n.ent">
> <!ENTITY % copyright PUBLIC "-//AGAMURA//ENTITIES QuXo Copyright
> V1.0//en-US"
>   "http://www.agamura.com/xml/quxo/1.0/ent/copyright.ent">
> <!ENTITY % corpdata PUBLIC "-//AGAMURA//ENTITIES QuXo Corporation Data
> V1.0//en-US"
>   "http://www.agamura.com/xml/quxo/1.0/ent/corpdata.ent">
> %docbook;
> %l10n;
> %copyright;
> %corpdata;
> As you can see, it just includes the standard DocBook DTD and then
> adds some additional entities...
> For example, %copyright; contains the legal notice and assert,
> %corpdata; contains long and short company name, web site, etc...
> Well, I think this is the wrong place where to place entities like
> these. They should be placed somewhere else and then accessed by
> our customized DocBook stylesheets.
> What do you think about that? What do you suggest instead?
> Thanks,

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