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Subject: Re: [docbook] DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 20 May2003

Norman Walsh wrote:

 > |      714764 new classifier attrib for <indexterm> and <index>
 > Norm observes that one of the reasons this doesn't often arise in
 > DocBook (as opposed to TeXinfo) is because we already have semantic
 > markup for many of the things you would put in a different index.
 > For example, if you wanted a index of functions, I wouldn't expect to
 > add <indexterm class="function"> for all the functions, I'd expect to
 > index the elements marked as <function>s.
 > ACTION: Norm to describe how this might be done using stylesheet
 > customization based on function and variable markup, for example.

my main reason to propose an indexterm 'class' (I think i suggested 'type')
attribute was that it would be far more flexible. Indeed your example
of a function index would probably work with a customized stylesheet.
However, 'function' is just one possible candidate for 'things to create
indexes of'.

Please note that Texinfo also provides macros for the most common indexes,
though that are just convenience 'short cuts', as the generic way is to
specify indexes for user defined types.

I really think this is very worthwhile, and not doeable with the current
docbook type.

Please note also that this generalization of indexes is quite similar
to my suggestion to generalize tocs. Remember our discussion about
formal objects and 'objects having a title' vs. providing templates
that can list them based on this condition.

In the latter case I would hope that a generic lot (also with a 'type' attribute)
would be used for arbitrary user defined formal objects, not just the fixed set
of { examples, figures, tables, equations}.

The logic is (IMO) quite the same as for 'typed indexes'.


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