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Subject: Re: [docbook] is there any way to code genus & species names in d ocbook XML

Jeff Beal wrote:

> You may also want to use <foreignphrase role="genus">...</foreignphrase> and
> <foreignphrase role="species">...</foreignphrase>.  As most genus and
> species names are in Latin, and your document isn't, this is semantically
> more accurate than the <emphasis/> tag (which is a subject Tobias rather
> vehementally addressed) and the DocBook XSL stylesheets provided from
> docbook.sourceforge.net already render this as you want it to be rendered,
> unlike Tobias' suggestion to use <phrase/>. 

"phrase" was just one possible choice. If the words are foreign (TDG: 
"“Foreign” in this context means that it is a language other than the 
primary language of the document and is not intended to be pejorative in 
any way."), then yes, "foreignphrase" seems most appropriate.

As for the styling:

If you talk about HTML:
All presentational code is deprecated.

If you talk about XSLFO:
If the docbook.sourceforge.net stylesheets style "foreignphrase" 
italicized than that's great (since that's what he wanted), but the fact 
remains that this styling preference can not be expressed in DocBook. 
The choice and use of DocBook markup should not be driven by default 
styles of a specific stylesheet. You can not rely on getting italic text 
for "foreignphrase". You simply and luckily can not express this wish in 

If you think phrase role="genusname" is most appropriate, and don't get 
italicized styling, then you change the stylesheet (XSLT producing 
XSLFO, or CSS, not XSLT producing (X)HTML), *not the DocBook document*.

If you think "foreignphrase" is most appropriate, and are happy about 
getting italicized rendering, but change your mind later and want those 
names to be bold instead, then again you change stylesheets not the 



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