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Subject: Best of practice question


When inserting tables, images do you 
a) insert them inside the current para or
b) after the current para?

In what circumstances would you use a or b?
Is this applicable for lists and other potentially large elements?

I'm currently writing a guide for our writers and wish to have everyone inserting elements the same way.

I'm also curious about the difference of option/parameter/attribute, and why isn't there any argument element. Where I work the developers either use option or argument when they are speaking about "-S", "-start" or "/s" etc.

Best regards,


Kenneth Johansson	Technical Documentation Manager
Sectra Imtec AB
Teknikringen 2		E-mail: ke-joh AT sectra DOT se
SE-583 30 Linköping	Phone:	+46 13 23 52 00
SWEDEN			Web:	http://www.sectra.se

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