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Subject: Re: [docbook] Best of practice question

Kenneth Johansson wrote:

 > When inserting tables, images do you  a) insert them inside the
 > current para or b) after the current para?

If it's part of the paragraph, then I'd do a, if it's not part of it but
instead a semantically more separate entity, then I'd do b.

 > I'm currently writing a guide for our writers and wish to have
 > everyone inserting elements the same way.

I think they should be free to choose from a and b.

 > I'm also curious about the difference of option/parameter/attribute,
 >  and why isn't there any argument element. Where I work the
 > developers either use option or argument when they are speaking
 > about "-S", "-start" or "/s" etc.

The <option>-a</option> option on the <acronym>UNIX</acronym>
<command>ls</command> command or the <option>/r</option> option on the
<acronym>DOS</acronym> <command>attrib</command>
command, for example.



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