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Subject: Re: [docbook] <informalexample> to contain one or multiple <programlisting> element(s) for a multi-line source code block?

猪飼さん、 お疲れ様です Taro Ikai <tikai@ABINITIO.COM> writes: [...] > My limited understanding of XML is that it does not pay attention to > the white spaces or new lines within CDATA sections. The CYGWIN > distribution of Tidy, for example, does not not preserve > the new lines within CDATA. What version of CYGWIN Tidy are you running and what options are you feeding to it? With the current (February 2003) tidy run as below, I think the formatting of your CDATA sections will be preserved. tidy --input-xml yes --output-xml yes ¥ --indent yes --indent-spaces 2 --indent-cdata no

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