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Subject: <informalexample> to contain one or multiple <programlisting> element(s) fora multi-line source code block?


cites an example of <informalexample><programlisting> block that contains
several lines of source code block in a single <programlisting> element:

sub print_content_model {
   my($self) = shift;
   local($_) = shift;
   local(*FILE) = shift;

   my(@cm) = $self->format_content_model2($_);
   foreach $_ (@cm) {
       print FILE $self->make_links($_, 1, 1), "\n";

My limited understanding of XML is that it does not pay attention to
the white spaces or new lines within CDATA sections. The CYGWIN
distribution of Tidy, for example, does not not preserve
the new lines within CDATA.

Am I better off to use something like the following?

  <programlisting>sub print_content_model {</programlisting>
  <programlisting>&nbsp;&nbsp;my($self) = shift;</programlisting>
  <programlisting>&nbsp;&nbsp;local($_) = shift;</programlisting>
  <programlisting>&nbsp;&nbsp;local(*FILE) = shift;</programlisting>
  <programlisting>&nbsp;&nbsp; my(@cm) = $self->format_content_model2($_);</programlisting>
  <programlisting>&nbsp;&nbsp;foreach $_ (@cm) {</programlisting>
  <programlisting>&nbsp;&nbsp;    print FILE $self->make_links($_, 1, 1), "\n";</programlisting>

Taro Ikai

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