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Subject: XML Docbook -> Lout (I will do some)

I'm not subscribed to this list! Answer to porton@ex-code.com (probably dup
licating in the list).

Lout is language which describes formatted text, which by the "lout"
command can be transformed to PostScript, PDF, or plain text.

I'm intereseted in a Docbook to Lout converter

I'm going to make a XSLT converter of a subset of Docbook -> Lout. It will
probably contain only very little subset of XML Dokbook and probably will
not be compatible with existing XSLT Docbook templates. If indeed you are
interested, mail me and I may send you the XSLT files I'm now writing.

P.S. Probably somebody also should write XSL:FO -> Lout converter, it would
be a rather good formatter which can be written in XSLT.

Victor Porton (porton@ex-code.com)

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