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Subject: Re: [docbook] XML Docbook -> Lout (I will do some)

Hi Victor,

Victor Porton <porton@ex-code.com> writes:

> P.S. Probably somebody also should write XSL:FO -> Lout converter, it would
> be a rather good formatter which can be written in XSLT.

I know lout since ~93 when I used it as one of the backends for sdc,
which was an sgml->{rtf, lout, latex, man, info, html} converter.

I still like it a lot - which is the reason why I'm using it as a
formatter for Askemos (an incorruptible and intrusion resistant
operating system specifically targeted at document management tasks,
see http://www.askemos.org/A04538159df3258ea68544531bea1c006 )

We are currently playing with several ideas how we should do high
quality text formatting.  Lout is still an option, though we feel that
it is sometimes limitting our capabilities.  Also years ago I've been
discussing one serious limitation of lout (concerning marks in tables,
I couldn't see a way at that time to do html tables in lout).  Jeff
Kingston answered something like: "I came to the conclusion that lout
can do so much and it needs to be extended/rewritten to support none
rectangular areas and...<list of other features beyond my needs>."
This makes me a bit afraid that we could run into a dead end.

The goal is definately to have a xsl:fo formatter writing pdf (or
maybe xml+css->pdf if that's easier to get).  We also have some code
for formatting but yet any standard compatible interfaces for it.
I'd love to cooperate on any solution.  Please keep me posted.

best regards


The worst of harm may often result from the best of intentions.

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