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Subject: Re: An apology and some minor revelations

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/ "Scot W. Stevenson" <scot@possum.in-berlin.de> was heard to say:
| There are still parts that don't make sense to me -- the <emphasis> tag, for 
| example, doesn't seem to fit. I can write a book, a section, a chapter, a 
| paragraph, a list, a quote, even a programlisting, but I can't "write" an 
| emphasis. This still seems like a formating command if I ever saw one. Also, 

Well, emphasis isn't really about formatting. I can indicate that something
is <emphasis>really</emphasis> important without providing any information
about how that should be presented. (It could be bold, or italic, or spoken
in a louder voice, or rendered as "!begin emphasis really !end emphasis" or
some other entirely text format appropriate for braille, etc.)

| I still can't find a docbook.xsl (and I don't seem to have a "locate" command 
| on this system). If it is any comfort to Daniel, this is a SuSE 8.2 setup 
| I'm having trouble with. It seems that they replaced jade by openjade and 
| quite a few loose threads remain; and yes, I've logged an error report.

The docbook.xsl file is probably part of some "docbook-xsl" package.
Jade and OpenJade are associated with a "docbook-dsssl" package. These
are alternative rendering technologies. XSL is probably a better long-term
gamble, but DSSSL may provide better hardcopy formatting using free tools.

                                        Be seeing you,

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