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Subject: Re: [docbook] Proper markup for source code in para?

Oliver Fischer <plexus@snafu.de> writes:

> Hello!
> I am not sure how to markup the following things:
> o Source code in <para> etc like:
>   <para>This code <?>printf("abc") && do() || but()</?>

    <para>This code <literal>printf("abc") && do() || but()</literal>

(A while back, Tobias Reif suggested adding a Code element for marking
up such instances. It does seems like Code would be more intuitive for
instances like that.)

> o lines of an config file like:
>   <para>To enable TZU add
>    <?>tzu1 = "tz:0:9"
>       tzu2 = "tz:1:1"</?>
>   to your file.</para>

   <para>To enable TZU add

     <literallayout class='monospaced'
>tzu1 = "tz:0:9"
tzu2 = "tz:1:1"</literallayout>

    to your file.</para>

Remember that all whitespace and line breaks within a Literallayout are
preserved in the rendered output.


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