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Subject: open RFEs for possible inclusion in final DocBook V4.3

There a few open RFEs that have been around for quite a while that we
haven't really taken any action on, so I'm hoping we can determine
current status for them before this month's TC call (so that we don't
burn up time during the call trying to figure out what the status is) --
and maybe get some of them into the final V4.3 release, if possible.

  RFE 435518 (Allow bibliography in refsect1)

    Status is "closed", but I can't see that any resolution or reason
    for closing it was ever recorded.

    Before it was closed, status was that Norm proposed adding a
    new Bibliolist element, to parallel Glosslist. Seems like a
    reasonable change, so not sure why it was dropped.

  RFE 742624 (refentry and bibliography)

    RFE 742624 is on the list of open RFEs for discussion during this
    month's TC meeting, but I think it may amount to just being a
    duplicate of RFE 435518.

  RFE 686733 (allow bibliography under <refentry>)

    RFE 686733 is also on the list of open RFEs for discussion during
    this month's call, but I wanted to note that it has been open for
    quite a while pending feedback from Dennis Evans -- so wondering if
    we might be able to get that feedback before the call.

  RFE 482818 (Simplify ToC content model)

    RFE 482818 is also on the list of open RFEs for discussion during
    this month's call, but I wanted to note that though it has also been
    open for quite a while, it's not clear what current status is, or
    what we're waiting on. I think we may just be awaiting a final TC
    vote on it, but not sure.

Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com> writes:

> Hello folks,
> At the last TC meeting, I took an action[1] to begin assembling a
> DocBook V4.3 release. The first attempt at that release is V4.3b2
> (you didn't miss it, there never was a b1 release).
> You can get V4.3b2 from
>    http://docbook.org/xml/4.3b2/
> or
>    http://docbook.org/sgml/4.3b2/
> This release is experimental and has no normative standing.
> The changes are summarized below. I think these are all the backwards
> compatible changes approved by the TC since the 4.2 release, but I
> haven't double-checked yet. (If you think I've missed something,
> please let me know.)
> - Fix SDATA entity for euro
> - Related to RFE 514435: allow multiple refnamediv elements in refentry (2003 Jul)
> - Added function attribute to keycap for improved semantics (2003 Jul)
> - Related to RFE 679316: add orgname to inlines (2003 Jul)
> - RFE 698844: add PDF notation (2003 May)
> - RFE 705885: add namespace attribute to sgmltag (2003 May)
> - RFE 691762: add language attribute to verbatim environments (2003 May)
> - Allow HTML table models in addition to CALS or SOEx table models (2003 Apr)
> - RFE 573419: add bidirectional text override (2003 Apr)
> - RFE 565716: support for URI element (2003 Apr)
> - RFE 660044: support continuation and startinglinenumber on verbatims (2003 Feb)
> - RFE 655526: support modifier in funcprototype (2003 Feb)
> - RFE 582822: paramdef and varargs on funcprototype (2003 Feb)
> - RFE 638456: support translators (2003 Feb)
> - RFE 473365: choice attribute for paramdef (2003 Feb)
> - RFE 570068: new values for pubwork (2003 Jan)
> - Added xrefstyle (2002 Dec)
> I don't have an updated spec to publish yet, nor have I gone through
> the SF RFEs to close the implemented ones, but I will.
>                                         Be seeing you,
>                                           norm
> [1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook/200307/msg00188.html

Michael Smith
Openwave Systems Japan     +81 90 9148 0269 (mobile)
Nishishinjuku 6-22-1       +81  3 5909 6347 (office)
Tokyo, Japan 163-1117      +81  3 5909 6241 (fax)

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