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Subject: Re: [docbook] DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 20 Aug 2003

Dear TC

 > Norm describes the issue of "caption" in HTML tables and his move to
 > make caption mixed content to support it.
 > Proposed: this is the best solution to a complex problem so that's
 > what we'll do.
 > Accepted.

Does "mixed content" refer to a mix of HTML elements and text or to a
mix of HTML elements, text, and DocBook elements?

 > |       780734 inline code
 > Norm: I usually use 'literal' for this purpose, but that's not
 > really very semantic.
 > Mike: Even on the rendering side, I can imagine wanting to render code
 > examples differently than literals.

Exactly. For example: Element "code" could be one of the elements which 
have an attribute "syntax". Processing tools then can do syntax markup / 
syntax highlighting.

   Insert <code syntax="Ruby">{|v| puts v}</code> after the closing
   argument parenthesis.

 > Proposal: Add a code element.
 > Accepted.

Great! Thank you very much for considering this request.



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