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Subject: Re: [docbook] DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 20 Aug 2003

At 18:20 2003 08 20 -0400, Norman Walsh wrote:
>|       752632 Color control of CALS table ELEMENT

>Reject: We've got attributes like role that could be used for this purpose,
>        we've got PIs that could be used, and we have HTML tables if you
>        can support them. There are lots of alternatives that don't involve
>        changing a supported external standard.

While this is all fresh in our minds, we should be sure
we have this recorded unambiguously.

I think Norm meant to label the first para I quote above
"Proposed" and then put the word "Reject" in the text.

Then we Accepted the proposal which was to Reject the request.

As the minutes are written, I fear someone might read that 
and think we Accepted the request.

>|       780734 inline code

>Straw poll: should we add <code>:
>Jeff Beal       Y
>Steve Cogorno   N
>Paul Grosso     abstain
>Nancy Harrison  Y
>Dick Hamilton   N
>Scott Hudson    Y
>Michael Smith   Y
>Norman Walsh    abstain

For the record, I would have voted Y to adding <code>.

>Norm: Would anyone object to adding code?
>Proposal: Add a code element.

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