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Subject: updating localization of docbook-xsl ?


  I've downloaded the last version of docbook-xsl stylesheets (1.62.0) and when trying to
use the new <?dbtimestamp format="A d B Y  HhM'S"?> feature in my (french) locale, I got message :

No template for "September" (or any of its leaves) exists
in the context named "datetime-abbrev" in the "fr" localization.

So I've look in the ./common/fr.xml file of the distribution, and I found some lines like :
      <l:template name="September" text="September" lang="en"/>
it seems that the translation is missing for now. As the header of this file says it's generated automatically,
I've looked at 

but :

- the list of terms with missing translations isn't here (at now), where can I find them ?
- if I add translations to this file fr.xml, who can update the CVS file (I surely don't have rights)
- if I modify the source, how can I get a common/fr.xml suitable for my docbook-xsl site implantation ?
  The file common/fr.xml says it's automatically generated but I don't know how !

  I can modify my common/fr.xml for myself but I would prefer to share my work...


Frédéric Boiteux  -  Calistel

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