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Subject: Re: [docbook] Linux editors for DTDs?

El Jue 18 Dic 2003 18:25, Dave Pawson escribió:
> At 01:04 18/12/2003, David O'Brien wrote:
> >I know this is pretty broad, but our requirements are along the lines of:
> >
> >1. Needs to support DTD and/or Schema validation
> >2. Needs to have WYSIWYG support or nearly so for those users who are
> >migrating from Word (mostly software engineers or similar).
> >3. Windows support mandatory (office requirement) and Linux support
> >preferable
> >(sanity requirement).
> >
> >It will be used for writing a combination of User Documentation, Release
> >Notes, Technical Documentation and possibly training material based on the
> >above.
> You might want to look at one of the DTD to HTML if your need is for
> presentation.
> I use emacs, dtd-mode from Tony Graham for editing DTD's.
> Validation I'd take as a separate issue, using your favourite
> parser.
> dtd-mode has most of the features I need.
> Downside? No wysiwyg mode. That's just frustrating working
> with DTD's.
> HTH DaveP

Thanks for your comments, but, not sure I understand DTD to HTML.... We don't 
deliver in html, if that's what you're thinking. At least, not at this point. 
Everything is pdf.

I found something called XMLMind, which is written in Java, available for 
Linux and Windows and the the standard version is free. The cripples don't 
look fatal so far.

By validation I mean the editor is DTD aware; that is, it won't let you put in 
tags that would violate the DTD, or if it does it tells you in loud words. 
XMLMind does that. I was hoping not to spend too much time actually editing 
DTDs. If I get into customization, etc., I might do a bit, but at the moment 
I'm still learning about the whole concept.


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