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Subject: Re: [docbook] XML support in word 2003


On Mon, 26 Jan 2004, Shelley Santiago wrote:

> i have a Microsoft Word 2003 file Save As in XML using
> the WordML schema and id like to tranform and render
> it to html in docbook. to do this i used xsltproc and
> it gives me this error:
> No template for "/wordDocument" (or any of its leaves)
> exists
> in the context named "title" in the "en" localization.
> No template matches w:wordDocument.
> No template matches o:SmartTagType in w:wordDocument.
> .

The DocBook XSL stylesheet transform XML documents which conforms to 
the DocBook DTD  to HTML.

Your XML documents conforms to a different DTD i.e. the WordML DTD (or
actually conforms to a WordML Schema). To be able to transform the
WordMl documents to HTML, you will need to create XSLT templates,
which transform the document to HTML.

You will not be able to use DocBook XSL for this job.



> .
> .
> i dont know where to get the "/wordDocument" template.
> can anyone help me? thanks
> *shelley santiago*
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