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Subject: RE: [docbook] XML support in word 2003

From: Jens Stavnstrup [mailto:js@ddre.dk] wrote:

>> i have a Microsoft Word 2003 file Save As in XML using
>> the WordML schema and id like to tranform and render
>> it to html in docbook. to do this i used xsltproc and
>> it gives me this error:

>Your XML documents conforms to a different DTD i.e. the WordML DTD
>(or actually conforms to a WordML Schema). To be able to transform the
>WordMl documents to HTML, you will need to create XSLT templates,
>which transform the document to HTML.
>You will not be able to use DocBook XSL for this job.

 Is it possible (in theory) to transofrm a WordML DTD XML document
onto another DocBook DTD XML document ? (DTD genetic Transformation ;)

 It seems it should be possible using a) MS Word Document template
logically close to the DocBook semantic (<section><para><list>e.t.c.) 
b) a "clever" XSLT script to transform one DTD tags into the another DTD
(may be not 1:1)


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