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Subject: Re: [docbook] LaTeX-like Definition markup

Semantically, this looks exactly like a <glosslist/>:

 <glossterm>Regular Expressions</glossterm>
 <glossdef><para>A regular expression is a </para></glossdef>

With the default stylesheets, that won't look at all like what you're 
looking for, so you'll need to do some XSLT customizations (or DSSSl if 
that's what you're using.)


Nikolai Weibull wrote:

>I would like to write a LaTeX-like definition of a certain term (regular
>expressions in fact), but I have failed to find a good way to do it in
>DocBook.  What I want is output similar to this:
>Definition 2.1 <em>Regular Expressions</em>: A regular expression
>is a ...
>on block level.  The 2.1 would reflect that it is the first definition
>in the second chapter.  Is there anything like this, or would I have to
>add it myself?  If so, would this require a lot of DTD hacking, or does
>someone perhaps have an example of something similar already?
>	nikolai
>Forgot some pseudo-DocBook to explain myself with.  Something like the
>markup is something I have in mind:
>	<title>Regular Expressions</title>
>	<para>A regular expression is a ...</para>
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