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Subject: LaTeX-like Definition markup

I would like to write a LaTeX-like definition of a certain term (regular
expressions in fact), but I have failed to find a good way to do it in
DocBook.  What I want is output similar to this:

Definition 2.1 <em>Regular Expressions</em>: A regular expression
is a ...

on block level.  The 2.1 would reflect that it is the first definition
in the second chapter.  Is there anything like this, or would I have to
add it myself?  If so, would this require a lot of DTD hacking, or does
someone perhaps have an example of something similar already?

Forgot some pseudo-DocBook to explain myself with.  Something like the
markup is something I have in mind:

	<title>Regular Expressions</title>
	<para>A regular expression is a ...</para>

::: name: Nikolai Weibull    :: aliases: pcp / lone-star / aka :::
::: born: Chicago, IL USA    :: loc atm: Gothenburg, Sweden    :::
::: page: www.pcppopper.org  :: fun atm: gf,lps,ruby,lisp,war3 :::

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