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Subject: Re: [docbook] Using multiple modules

* Sean Wheller <sean@enbaya.co.za> [Feb, 09 2004 00:00]:
[hacking is bad, mmkay]
> I cant resist. Just get yourself a copy of Oxygen and be rid of all those
> problems. :-)

Ah, the ever ongoing discussion on IDE versus editor and gui versus cui
and so on is about to begin :-).  IDE's can be nice, but I'd rather
stick with a good editor and a trusty console.  I don't think stuff like
oxygen are bad, I just don't like having my visual filled with filled
with icons of colors ranging the whole spectra, and a lot of sub-windows
everywhere.  Intellisense is great, but a simple C-P, C-N, C-X C-L or
similar works just as good in Vim.  And if that's not good enough, one
can use my electric slash mode for Vim that simply completes the ending
tag that it supposedly should match[1].  Anyway, thanks for commenting ;-)

[1] In reference to http://www.oxygenxml.com/img/oxygen-mac-idx.gif

::: name: Nikolai Weibull    :: aliases: pcp / lone-star / aka :::
::: born: Chicago, IL USA    :: loc atm: Gothenburg, Sweden    :::
::: page: www.pcppopper.org  :: fun atm: gf,lps,ruby,lisp,war3 :::

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