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Subject: Re: [docbook] docbook website features

Stefan Seefeld wrote:

You've not mentioned what the doctype of your news feed is.

If you're using RSS 1.0 to syndicate your headlines, it's already been 
integrated into DocBook Website. Before using Website XSL stylesheets, 
make sure that you've grabbed their latest version from the CVS 
repository because minor bugs have been fixed but not released.

To refer to your RSS news feed, you need to insert something similar to 
the following into you XML source file(s):

<rss feed="path/to/rssfeed"/>

What Janning proposed suites when your news feed complies with DocBook 

Notice that, other versions of RSS and Atom standards will be integrated 


> hi there,
> I'm looking into using db website for a project and I'm wondering
> whether it provides support for the following use case:
> I'd like to be able to update at a single place some information
> concerning the project ('news', 'status', 'releases', etc.), and I'd like
> the website to include some links / paragraph etc. at particular
> places related to this information.
> Let's assume I have a 'news' page which I add a new paragraph into
> each time I'v got something new to report. I'd like the website
> generator to pick up the latest news and generate some html paragraph /
> headline into the index.html file (say). Is that possible ?
> Thanks,
>         Stefan

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