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Subject: Re: [docbook] docbook website features

Sina K. Heshmati wrote:

> You've not mentioned what the doctype of your news feed is.

that wasn't decided yet when I asked the question. I didn't know
docbook-website already supports rss.

> If you're using RSS 1.0 to syndicate your headlines, it's already been 
> integrated into DocBook Website. Before using Website XSL stylesheets, 
> make sure that you've grabbed their latest version from the CVS 
> repository because minor bugs have been fixed but not released.
> To refer to your RSS news feed, you need to insert something similar to 
> the following into you XML source file(s):
> <rss feed="path/to/rssfeed"/>

fine. Is there some documentation about how to use rss feeds, other
than embedding the *whole* feed ? For example, how can I insert the headline
of the latest item into a given page ? The latest 5 items ? How can I generate
a 'news' page containing the latest n items (the full content, this time) ?


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