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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: eltong@personadigital.com

I'm using chunk.xsl with saxon but many seconds after running the stylesheet process the <message>Error on line 33 column 65 of file:/...*.xml:  Error reported by XML parser: expected '"' or "'" (found "&") .....</message> show up then the process abort-end. <xml.file_features> "UTF-8" encoding and use spanish.Unicode reather iso-8851-x encoding; and have many General Entities at the DOCTYPE definition instruction</xml.file_features>. The line 33 of *.xml do not have quote nor apostrophe nor ampersand character. The docBook OASIS archive  don't have similar problems subject's. Can do you help me?
Thanks in advance.
Elton Gomez
ELGOBO Systems EU.- www.personadigital.com

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