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Subject: Customising XSL sheets - Figures

Hello list,

When making use of the <figure> element, the <textobject> is placed on
a separate page. I'd prefer it was just displayed under the figure.

I tried tracking it down through the XSL, but it jumps all over the
place and I wasn't quite sure where it was happening.

Here's an example:

   <figure id="figure.7a" label="7a">
        <imagedata fileref="mars/data/figure07a-anatoliamap.jpg" />
       <para>NASA location map for the surface depression called

When parsed, this created a page called ld-id2859198.html and placed a
link "[D]" under the figure rather than the text. I assume "ld" means

If there's a parameter to disable this, that would be great, otherwise
any tips of which part of the style sheets to customise would be

Kind Regards,
Aidan Lister

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