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Subject: Re: Dtd, Xsd or RNG/RNC as your choice of schema technology foryour docset?

/ "Rajal Shah" <rajal@meshsoftware.com> was heard to say:
| I didn't know about Trang.. So thanks for the pointer.. It clearly solves my
| schema development choice.. (RNG/RNC) - assuming trang is robust and
| thorough. 

It is, but there are things you can express in RNG that can't be
expressed in XSD (co-constraints are the first thing that come to
mind), so if you're going that route, keep in mind that you'll want to
develop eith a subset of RNG.

| As regards combining XSD and DTD.. I've spent a lot of time with it.. It's
| impossible to use them together if your XSD schema has namespaces.. (at
| least from my experience).. I am guessing that people no longer use their
| own general entities ( such as &company; => "XYZ, Inc").. It was a very
| convenient feature, I guess that won't be available anymore..

With XSLT2, you can fake it in a couple of different ways. I'm sure
I've written about it, but I can't put my hands on the text just
at the moment :-/

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