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Subject: FW: The trouble with Verdana and FO

Hello All,

I've just begun to use Docbook to create documentation and have
experienced some difficulty getting FOP to render bold and italic
versions of Verdana. 

Based on the suggestions in Bob Stayton's book: I created .xml files
from the Windows font files, created a configuration file, set the font
name in the .xsl custom. layer and added the -c <ConfigFileName> in the
command line when performing the transformation. 

PDF rendering works fine for Garamond, but when I run the FOP batch file
the document is rendered in normal Verdana without rendering the Italic
and Bold versions of this font. 

Like I said, I'm using FOP and the following configuration file to try
and use Verdana in my documents:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<font metrics-file="file:///d:/lib/V.xml" kerning="yes"
<font-triplet name="Verdana" style="normal" weight="normal"/>
<font metrics-file="file:///d:/lib/VB.xml" kerning="yes"
<font-triplet name="Verdana" style="normal" weight="bold"/>
<font metrics-file="file:///d:/lib/VI.xml" kerning="yes"
<font-triplet name="Verdana" style="italic" weight="normal"/>

It would be really appreciated if I could get some suggestions on how to
go about solving this problem
(e.g. if there any known issues with this particular font with Docbook
or with FOP?) 


Scott Speights 

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